House and Senate Democrats enjoy being kicked around by Republicans.

Welcome to a major theme of the Obama Adminstration.

If you caught the news, the Senate Republicans just turned down permanent tax relief for the middle class, because they want a bill that has a huge giveaway for their multi-millionaire buddies. Their patrons, basically.

If I were the Democrats, I’d just pack it in. The Republicans are never going to compromise for anything except what they want. Negotiation with them is a one-way street.

I don’t know what President Obama is up to, but he better be getting a lot in these high-level talks with the senior members of Congress. The take on things over at FireDogLake is that he’s continuing to bargain away strong hands for weak ones. When the Republicans have the White House, they make it clear that whatever the President and 34 Senators want (the minimum number to sustain a veto), they get.

Why does it work in reverse when it’s a Democrat?