Drained on Japan topics. Sorry!

I usually like to post one thing a day here at my blog. Today, though, I’ve been starting to get ready to go back to the States, and so there’s all these small business matters.

I’ve had this lingering disappointment all throughout 2010, and now that the year is wrapped up, I think I am feeling it in a weightier sort of way.

I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with good friends in the past month, and so this isn’t making the . . . well, end, very easy. I still have people telling me to plug away at landing something in Japan, and so, of course, I do keep trying. But I really don’t have spark of hope that I get get anything soon. I’ve just heard too many “sorries” in the year.

As I’ve been telling you, the worst is dispatch. I had one of those last month, and it’s always, “come on DOWN”. Like you are a contestant on the Price is Right. (They still say that, don’t they?)

But once you get there, this little game of not-hiring-until-we-shop-your-resume-around, sometimes via a related headhunting unit, means that unless a client has a pressing need, the dispatch company won’t hire.

I’m convinced that the law is really that the dispatch company must hire first. But maybe not. It’s Japan, and “Japan” does some screwy things.

So I am a bit drained to find an interesting topic for today.

[Update: I spent a good part of the day going through old boxes of stuff. Just a lot of paper. Things that were imprortant at one time, or maybe I just thought were important. A lot of memories, too. Some good, some bad. But mostly a lot of crap.

The landlord agent is going to have quite an expedition if he decides to go through some of that. I don’t know what the garbage rules are in Japan, but in New Jersey, it’s yours until the garbage service itself picks it up. So your landlord doesn’t acquire a right to go through your garbage. Neither do the police.

I know this guy (the Hoyo people) want me out, because I didn’t forget their games (the $10,000 overcharge in the last 3 years, for example). I also wonder if the modeling kids told their boss they want different living arrangements, now that they learned that rents aren’t nearly what they’ve been told they are.

I wonder what it costs to ship boxes. I’ve never done that from Japan, and I bet it’s really expensive. And maybe they go through it to make sure it’s nothing bad. As I’m whittling stuff down, it’s coming down to the things that I want to keep. Holiday and Birthday cards from my parents and siblings. Gifts from friends. Notes people sent me, etc. Tax forms and receipts for having paid tax, etc. I wonder if I could get it all shipped to the states for $200?]

2 thoughts on “Drained on Japan topics. Sorry!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re going. Japan’s loss.

    Re shipping: I don’t know how much stuff you have, but have you looked into hiring a do-it-yourself (half) shipping container? It takes some time for it to arrive in the States, especially the east coast. But if you have major furniture or a huge amount of boxes.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors. Do come back if you have the opportunity. I enjoyed reading your blog! You were the best when it came to the foreign gap insurance scam!

  2. Hoofin,

    I am also sorry to hear that you are leaving. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to comment on your blog, and unfortunately for you I’m afraid I don’t have any advice on shipping things back.

    I don’t know exactly when you are leaving, and I understand that you are incredibly busy (heck, so am I, I just moved back to Tokyo), but if you DO have a moment before you go, feel free to contact me at the address provided and I’ll buy you a drink as a paltry effort to thank you for providing interesting reading material. And at the very least, you’ve helped edumucate me about the health insurance and pension issues quite a bit. (Although I still think it’s a screw the way they calculate your pension payments for the year based on the average of only 3 months of salary.)

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