The generosity of good friends.

I have been the lucky recipient of a number of kind gestures throughout the month, as I have been wrapping up my time in Japan. Last night, I was invited to a wonderful izakaya in the Ginza area, and had a great time.

Getting ready to go is still a project for me, so I am going to try to keep my blogging regular, but excuse me if it looks a bit unorganized.

[more later]

[Here comes more: After a tough day of packing and saying “see you” to some very good friends around Ikejiri and Tomigaya, I finally moved my remaining two suitcases and carry on, and am OUT OF THAT APARTMENT! What a relief, because I was never more than 90% comfortable in it–and that was a rare occasion. Almost three years. Man!

I got rid of five boxes of stuff–and don’t miss it–but I feel like I have two of those five sitting on the bottom of the heavier suitcase. Kurosaki Teruo, a class act if you know who he is and hopefully get to meet him, was kind enough to help me get one of the two suitcases down to Yoyogi-Hachiman. It was Teruo who put the idea in my head to at least visit Japan, in 2005. He is well known in design circles for having inspired a number of famous names in various design businesses, like Phillippe Starck and Marc Newson. Myself, I just happened to have lucked out in meeting Kurosaki at a design symposium at New York’s Japan Society in March 2005 (March 17 and 18, I think.) We ended up sharing a cab at the end and going clubbing downtown. Since I was a native, I think Teruo figured I knew where the good clubs were. But a ha! I’m from New Jersey! So I was more likely to know where the happening Duncan Donuts or Denny’s were in the far suburbs . . .

We clicked and I made a good friend. But I never figured how I got to hang with the cool crowd. Like I’ve said, athletes and artists are the cool ones in the human social hierarchy. Accountant just starts with “a”. Anyways.

When I came to Japan, my first stop was here in Narita machi. I figured that after a long flight, and my first day in a different country, I would want to just rest in an airport hotel. (I was that much of a novice then.) It turned out that the hotel (Comfort Hotel) was in the nearby town of Narita. It was an efficient and pleasant business hotel, and still is. So on my way out, I came back.

If it isn’t crystal clear, tonight I am one tired dude.


2 thoughts on “The generosity of good friends.

  1. Have a safe trip back. Even if we never met, we were near neighbours for a while without knowing it.

    Beware of the reverse culture shock back in the US. It won’t necessarily hit you the first day or the first week but it will hit you. You will know it when it kicks your butt. It will ease up after a while.

    Some day, you may be back. Some of may still even be here when/if that happens. While all of your experiences here may not have been ‘good’, certainly far from all them were ‘bad.’ Over time, you will tend to remember more of the good and forget or lessen the impact of the bad.

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