Monday morning in Narita.

The plane leaves in a few hours.

I am surprised how the little corner of Narita that I came to know has changed over five years. There is a big APA hotel next to the Keisei Narita entrance. That wasn’t there five years ago. Plus, a few other buildings around the corner which I am sure weren’t there.

The Ichiba! food store is gone.

The AM/PM is a FamilyMart–but that’s going on all over.

I learned that you don’t have to bounce your luggage down the Keisei Narita steps. It’s simply easier to go straight down the hill on the road to the left of McDonald’s, and go under the train tracks and make a left at Narita City Hall. The distance may be a bit out of the way, but it’s all downhill.

I won’t get to see the ancient Narita San this time around.

It’s a wonderful little city with a mix of old and new Japan. What a shame that so many who fly through Narita don’t spend an extra day here.

5 thoughts on “Monday morning in Narita.

  1. Have a safe flight and I’m sorry it didn’t work out in Japan. However returning to the US is probably for the best. You were a teacher in Japan right? An ALT? You’re way too old for all that nonsense.

    Much better to return the States and get on with life.

    1. I was actually a corporate accountant who got squeezed out of a job through the Japan HR doing a little switheroo with the contract status. More on that in the future.

      I would have loved to do some ALT last year, but, as you point out, those jobs aren’t exactly open to middle aged people. Shame, because the kids could (have) actually learn(ed) something, rather than meet another revolving door foreigner.

  2. Safe flight, safe landing. All the best back in the west. And other such things. Sorry I’m not more eloquent. I’m strangely overcome.

    . o O (Probably remembering when I went home after my first year in Japan. And my two main moves within Japan, which, while not the same, were still strangely…emotionally affecting.)

    1. Thanks, Zig! Yeah, I’m waiting for the culture shock to set in. Maybe it happened when I realized I didn’t forget how to drive after 2 1/2 years.

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