A post from the other side of the Pacific.

Thought I’d automate one for my everyday readers. It’s not from the side of the Pacific that you think!

7 thoughts on “A post from the other side of the Pacific.

    1. Stores that would stock up on Tastykake Pumpkin pies, which I know that one used to be able to get through Christmas.

  1. Hope you had a safe and flight and better weather to see the Lunar Eclipse tonight than we have back on this side of the Pacific.

    1. I have jet lag, and so actually did go out about an hour ago. When does the moon rise in Japan? I don’t think you get to see it there.

      1. Was supposed to rise about 4:30 PM and hit peak around 5:20 something. Would have had a perfect view of it from my veranda window. All we got was think cloud cover. I am most annoyed by that, especially considering the good view of the moon we had yesterday.

        1. Lunar eclipses had mostly been washouts in the time I was around Tokyo. I remember wanting to see on in 2007, which would have occurred right around 7 or 8 in the evening. Total cloud cover.

          This one was actually kind of nice, but I one I thought was best happened sometime in 2003 or 2004. For me, it all goes to what kind of glow the moon gets at totality.

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