Cancelling the KDDI au phone, Part II

This might actually be more of a headache than I thought.

I received an e-mail back that says I can only cancel in the contract anniversary month, which I think is March or April. Otherwise, I have to pay 9975 yen.

Now, if I had them switch me to Plan E, which is 788 a month, do I cancel now or wait to March? It sounds like it’s much cheaper to ask them to cancel me in March . . .

The other headache is that I thought my points were NOT paying for my new cell phone the last 5 months. (This is the one that was taking the great pictures you all saw recently.) I thought the cash portion was paid up front, then the points. Now, I’m being told the points WERE being used up, and KDDI wants the cash balance.

Don’t get me wrong–KDDI is a great phone company in Japan, even though they don’t have the i-Phone. But I feel like I am being squeezed a bit, a la Hoyo Tokyo, from a company that I’ve given several thousand dollars to in the last five years.

So cancel is more money than keep for three months, and I have to figure out exactly what the new cell phone really cost.