Kan Government dipping into the trans-Pacific honey pot to benefit younger Japanese teachers of English.

A news item from the Japan Times, about sending Japanese who teach English in Japan to America, to brush up on their teaching ability.

You see, the Japanese government will spare no expense (to the tune of $6 million) to support Japanese who teach English, but not native English speakers who teach English!

So all the excuse making and frustrations created around allegedly not having the money to do direct hire teaching of foreigners, or covering them for social insurance, was nonsense. It really was about who was getting the money: a Japanese, or a non-Japanese?

I’ll have something to say in the next week about the other leg to this story, about beefing up U.S.-Japan cross-cultural ties. As I’ve said before, this seems more about creating shills and lackeys, and letting money grease the smooth relations between the two countries. There is a whole contingency dedicated to seeing this money flow, which is why you are not hearing very much from Renho and the JET Program lately.