U.S. House Republicans create a needless fight about the Obamacare, think people never have lived overseas.

The theme of the week, the new House of Representatives is taking up the issue of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, so-called Obamacare.

They want to repeal it. Heh heh. President Obama has already issued the veto warning, meaning they’d need 290 votes in Congress to override the veto. So this amounts to another big show that gets in the way of fixing the jobs problem that is weighing America down.

I think yesterday the show was Read the Constitution, and one of the them couldn’t even get the 10th amendment right without making a mistake. Reminded me how the Supreme Court Chief Justice messed up Obama’s oath. I wonder who read the 16th amendment, (the one that provides for a federal income tax . . . )

If you’ve ever lived in a country with universal coverage–no matter how the payment scheme is designed–you have to laugh at all the bogus arguments the House Republicans and the cronies surrounding the repeal protest make. Doctors aren’t going to accept patients, people aren’t going to be able to get insurance. It is going to somehow impact current Medicare recipients. (A threat thrown in to scare the “I got mine” crowd. Weren’t the Republicans against Medicare from 1964 to about, well, when Obama got in? The last I had heard, they wanted to privatize Medicare by giving everyone who has it a voucher . . . )

I know that expat enrollment in Japanese health insurance remains this emotionally-charged thing in some circles. There are those who dodge it, there are others who are stuck in low-wage backpacker-type jobs where the employer won’t do shakai and won’t pay you enough to do the ward insurance. (I haven’t forgotten about that as a treaty issue, by the way.) But the simple fact is that a system where everyone is in, and everyone pays what they should, and the medical service provider community lives off that is the only system that really works.

The idea that anyone thinks they can scare people into going back to what health care was prior to the Obamacare is scary. More so, in that the meat of Obamacare doesn’t even start until 2014. Why should people have to worry about pre-existing conditions, including such things as having had acne treatment or a Caesarian section? Not being covered if they lose a job? Having the private insurer take more than 20% of your premiums for overhead and profit?

It was funny to hear that one of the newly-elected Congressmen wanted to get into the federal health care program ahead of taking the oath. He wanted his coverage and never mind the hypocrisy.

People who politicize health care in this way are a little dangerous.

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