More about the Tuscon shooter.

The theme in the news today seems to be that the shooter, Jared Loughner, acted because of some unspecified mental illness. I’m still skeptical (and I still think it avoids the bigger issue of how he got the gun in the first place!)

These kind of shootings bring out the armchair psychiatrists and psycho-babblers. Why is it so hard to conclude that the young man is both deranged and sane? People will say, that no sane person ever would do these kinds of horrible things. But sane people do this horrible stuff quite often, and have done so throughout human history.

Especially, the people who want to give this guy the chair, well, if he’s paranoid schizo or something, how are you going to do this?

The lawyer appointed for Loughner is obviously going to encourage anyone who might play up a psycho-babble theory to go right ahead and do it. Why can’t we analyze this case first as a sane person who was a bad seed?