Ambassador Roos to show at Harvard Club of Japan

So it says here.

I think just the other day, he was at the Tokyo America[n] Club, which just was refurbished.

So what do you see? The exclusive $9,000 a year clubs, the ones where you have to have been admitted to Harvard to have the kind of connections to get to know the ambassador. (How many Harvard alumni are in Tokyo anyway? I bet they are a majority Japanese.

Part of the reason the agenda items never really get fixed, is that the Ambassador to Japan routinely ends up talking to wrong people. This would be, the people who don’t care about the problems of everyday expats in Japan, because they have themselves set up nice. If anything, they act at cross-purposes to the everyday people.

You would think Secretary Clinton (Yale Law) would take note that it’s the Harvard Club that’s getting the love. Maybe because the President (Harvard Law) doesn’t mind.