Osaka to give out prizes to Japanese English students, rather than pay to hire good teachers.

A reader writes in to report:

The governor of Osaka, Hashimoto, just announced yesterday he is reserving 5 million dollars in the education budget for giving monetary awards (just cold hard cash) to high school students who take TOEFL tests and score above a certain amount. He doesn’t have enough money or the desire to hire foreign English teachers to TEACH the TOEFL classes though so it’s going to be on Japanese teachers, (none of whom could pass the test themselves) to do it. This is the man’s attempt at ways to improve Japanese people’s English abilities without having to interact with or pay foreigners. This is why JET is disappearing from Osaka. This is the world I live in.

Now, you would think that the Japanese would do this for every subject. Why hire teachers when you can just as easily give out cash incentives?