Meddling Republican judges trying to knock out the Health Care Law

This from the New York Times, though you might have trouble getting through the firewall.

U.S. District Judge Vinson in Florida said that the entire Affordable Care Act was invalid, because of the insurance mandate.

As I understand how the insurance mandate works, is that it isn’t a mandate at all. Instead, starting in 2014, the government will surtax people who have not otherwise purchased an adequate health care policy. The government isn’t compelling you to do anything. It’s just that if you choose to be uninsured, you are going to be hit with a tax.

How is this any different than if Congress just raised everyone’s taxes, and gave a tax break to those persons who have purchased health insurance? In practice, it’s the same, and mathematically it’s the same, too.

That vast army of Federalist Society judges that the Republican Party has foisted on us over the last 30 years are about the biggest activists going. They keep talking about “judicial restraint” and “honoring original intent” of constitutions and statutes, but do neither.

If the Republicans think the individual mandate is bad law, they should see if they can get up enough votes to have the law amended to get rid of it.

These guys can’t accomplish anything, because they waste too much time on crusades that have little benefit to the public.

If someone is uninsured, they inevitably cost the people who aren’t, because they inevitably end up at the emergency room of the hospital, where the law says they must be taken care of. When they get sick, freedom loving and the liberty to be uninsured go right out the window. (I am not talking about those who would like to be covered but can’t; I am talking about the people complaining about the new law’s requirements to have coverage or pay a tax.)

It reminds of the financial crisis in some way. All these freedom-loving big banks and other companies were squeezing people for every Atlas Shrugged nickel they could. Until it turned out that many of them didn’t have any capital left on their balance sheets! Then, they ended up going to the government for a bailout.