Ehime Maru tragedy remembered.

This happened ten years ago, when CaptainCommander Scott Waddle, operating a submarine in the waters near Hawaii as some kind of tour or cruise ship for VIP political donors, struck and killed teenagers on a fishing trawler being used by a Japanese high school class from the Shikoku Prefecture.

This was an avoidable crash, for the simple fact that the captain of a military ship should not have been playing tour guide. The people riding the submarine for fun should have just joined the military. Lord knows the 2000’s had plenty of opportunity for military service.

Deep sea divers recovered the remains of eight of the nine boys who died.

The U.S. government’s report on the tragedy was not translated into Japanese before it was handed to the Japanese government.

Besides the tragedy, the event has seemed emblematic to me of the entire Bush Administration: people being given charge of something and royally screwing it up. See? It was going on in the very first weeks of Bush, and it really just continued throughout 2001 (ignoring FBI advice about al Qaida to focus instead on tax cuts), through to Katrina, and then the housing bubble and financial crisis.

It is good to hear that Waddle has been trying to redeem himself for what happened that day, and you wonder what those nine boys lives would have been had he just been paying attention.