Will Japan hold an early election?

So posits a commentator or two on Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

I really wonder if this is Kan’s way out of the current mess.

As you remember, the Democratic Party of Japan (Minshuto) won a huge number of seats in a landslide victory in August 2009, promising “regime change” (seiken koutai).

Remember the commercial? Mazu, seiken koutai! (Soon First (of all), regime change!)

Mazu, seiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiken kooooooooooooooooutai!

Everybody was supposed to vote these guys in, and they were going to start fixing everything.

Well, the situation looks to me like not only was there not any kind of regime change beyond “meet the new boss”, but these guys have made deliberate effort to get in the way of anyone looking to make any changes.

I am convinced that this is what finished off Akira Nagatusma as Labor and Health head. He took the job seriously.

Can it possibly be that the current DPJ regime does not realize that the rest of Japanese society looks at them like a bunch of jerk offs, jerking off? Which is what the LDP was reduced to for the last 15 years.

Now, that ain’t a blanket indictment, and I know that there are a number of good DPJers. But the situation has become such a befuddled mess, that it might just be to Kan’s advantage to call a new election and see what he can get.

If he can’t get a working majority now, which would be:

either 2/3ds of the lower house, OR

50% plus one in the lower house and 50% plus one in the upper house,

then he is just as stuck as if DPJ went into a summertime election and got cut down to being the largest minority party. They have to have coalition government either way, and it’s probably much better for the 2011 electorate in Japan to decide what the coalition should be.

I think this would very much finish off Ozawa, too, who could have retired a hero two years back if he only realized how it all looks to the people who are following the news.

This further reinforces the unfair view that Japanese are people who can just not make a decision. Not “look for consensus”, but frankly just can’t decide.

When it’s kick the foreigner out of the country, they’re very good at it. (Sorry, Chuckers, I had to slip that one in.)

AS my general readers know, to me politics just smells, which is why I gave it up at 17 or so. But I do follow what is going on. There is really no good explanation for the current DPJ scene except that they gotta call a new one.