Big bank allegedly hires “security firm” to attack Salon’s Glenn Greenwald

This is so very Nixonian.

Glenn Greenwald is a well-regarded reporter associated with the online opinion and news site, Salon. For the past years, he has been zealously defending WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, when it seems that the majority of the MSM–and certainly the government–have been going at Assange much worse than Nixon ever did to Daniel Ellsberg.

Greenwald has been adamant about the rights of WikiLeaks; although, to be fair to others, he is not the only one to say that WikiLeaks is doing much more good than harm.

WikiLeaks has been threatening to expose some bad secrets about the Bank of America, which is by some measures the largest bank in America. So it sounds like, in turn, Bank of America had put itself in contact–through secondary avenues like big law firms and consulting firms–with an outfit called HB Gary.

And from what I can tell in the link above (on Glenn’s name), HB Gary concluded that Glenn Greenwald was the source of all of WikiLeaks’ credibility among the American public, and so Greenwald needed to be “attacked” and forced to choose between “career” and some other unspecified unpleasantness.

I think the HB Gary people were going to run a shadow campaign to discredit Glenn Greenwald, and thereby remove on the media pillars of support for WikiLeaks. It really does sound like HR Haldeman would have been a better name for the firm.

[More in a bit.]

[Update: The New York Times has more on this story, but it might be behind their new firewall. If it is, get the link thorough this updated story. The public should really know about every private corporation that has used “HB Gary Federal” to attack their critics. These people really need to be put out in the public light.]