The American Lawyer says Tokyo’s White & Case snatches two from Paul Hastings.

It looks like there is business activity enough in Tokyo for one of the white shoe firms to recruit two regarded names from Los Angeles-based Paul Hastings.

I had met a Paul Hastings attorney once in my association with the Roppongi Bar Association. Unfortunately, there was a competing-client issue and we couldn’t talk very much law; but what I thought was interesting is that he is pretty sharp but Paul Hastings laid him off in 2009 anyway. Even though Paul Hastings was allegedly taking out FICA, they didn’t pay California unemployment taxes, and so the associate got bupkis plus whatever package they gave. (Great blogger, too.)

This told me that the gaiben law businesses might not have what they act like having, and they’re always prone to the good people leaving. (Plus, they don’t pay the shakai hoken even when they hire people in Tokyo.)

Back on the post topic, one of the two who left Paul Hastings, Ayako Kawano, is truly bilingual (not giri giri bilingual) in Japanese and English, graduated from law school in Osaka and got an LLM from Harvard. Impressive.

Let’s hope there actually is M&A business going on in Japan.

[P.S. Jun Usami is no slouch, either. From the White & Case release:

Mr. Usami holds an LLB from the University of Tokyo; an LLM from University of Washington School of Law; and graduated from the Legal Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan. He was admitted to practice in Japan in 1996 and is a member of Daini Tokyo Bar Association. ]