Temple Law Student Gerald Ung found NOT guilty in shooting.

I picked this incident up a couple weeks ago at Above the Law, and there has been some commentary on Pennsylvania gun blogs about whether Ung acted in self-defense.

Now Above the Law blogs that Ung was found not guilty in the shooting in a trial deliberations that just took an afternoon. The Philadelphia jury said there was not enough evidence to convict Ung of attempted murder.

Inquirer coverage here.

When I look back to being beat up twice in the span of a week, in Philadelphia, in January 1993, I sure wish I had had a gun. At the time, open carry was illegal in Philly. Some people say it still is, but notice that Ung was not charged with, or convicted of, any gun violations. He had a permit issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia, which is recognized by Pennsylvania.

Also, they’re referring to Ung as the ex-Temple Law student, but no one is clear whether he was thrown out or withdrew. Apparently the Lincoln Herbert court case is already forgotten. Although Herbert only received $1 as damages, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals did say that Herbert was entitled to due process when he was suspended from the law school. Temple, as a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-funded entity, was a “state actor” and required to abide by due process.

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[Update: interesting piece in last Saturday’s Inquirer about what people testified to as to the altercation that led to the shooting.

[Update #2: You can’t spell Ung without G-U-N. Now there you go . . . ]