Will Ozawa finally go?

The Japan Times has it today, that Kan is threatening to dissolve the Diet and call new elections if the pro-Ozawa forces threaten to vote against DPJ budget.

It seems strange to me, how this man just keeps going and going on, even after his popularity sunk to some small number, and everyone thinks he is as crooked as a three-dollar bill.

We have on the television Libya now. Quaddafi, who the people of the place want to go. Last week, in Egypt, it was Mubarak. I wasn’t paying attention, but before then, one of the other countries (maybe Tunisia) had a dictator toppled. That one might have had to do with Facebook or Twitter.

What I can’t figure out with these strongmen, is why they don’t quit while they’re ahead. They made their money; they had their career. Now it’s time for the golf course or whatever retirement pursuits.

Instead, they stick it out to the bitter end. Rather than be celebrated in history, they end up been vilified and looked at by the other citizenry as men blessed with money and power who didn’t know when enough was enough.

Had Ozawa bowed out 2 years ago, everyone would be talking about how he was this great man who brought about the realignment of Japanese politics. He would have been a news commentator and given speeches and whatnot. Now, he looks like the guy who is stretching out his personal power grab a lot longer than anyone’s got tolernace for. Hence Kan’s threat.

Take it from George Washington, since yesterday was President’s Day. He quit while he was on top, and retired. Al Gore did, too. Nixon did a little too late.