Pennsylvania’s cash for kids judge gets his, but not according to one grieving mother.

Judge Mark Ciavarella is someone I blogged about several months ago. He was a judge in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania who was giving teenagers time for small offenses–many of whom weren’t even guilty–so that they would be sent to a private “correctional institute” run by some people who were paying him off to the tune of about $2 million.

One of the boys who Ciavarella had sent away later committed suicide. The mother let it all out on the crooked judge after the guilty verdict, and you can see a film here.

It was Temple Law’s Marsha Levick and one other lawyer from Temple, whose name escapes me Robert Schwarz, that started the ball in motion to get this judge to justice. As Ms. Fonzo says, may he rot in hell.

[P.S. Don’t think this was the only asswipe of a judge in Pennsylvania, by the way . . .]


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