Temple University Japan update: no direct Pennsylvania funding

I got a message from someone high up in the Pennsylvania Auditor General’s office last week, and we talked for about half-an-hour.

As I have been saying for a while, I question what amount of money Temple in Philadelphia is paying to the Tokyo landlord for the rent for Temple Japan; PLUS, I want to know what category this is showing on the Temple financials. (I can give you the links later to my various blog posts, but if you Google them you’ll see I have been studying this for some time.)

As an offshoot to this mystery was the question of whether actual Pennsylvania tax money is being directly funnelled to Tokyo. (Indirectly, of course, is something different. That would be if our state capital, Harrisburg, pays money into Temple in Philly, and it frees up other money to be spent in Japan. Directly would be if Temple is submitting a landlord’s bill in Temple Philly’s name to Harrisburg for a 30% and Harrisburg pays it.

Apparently, this is not happening. But the CPA I spoke with, who is very credible and has been around state government for a while, also pointed out that simply saying that doesn’t answer what the rent is, and whether the itemization I’ve shared with you is the total expense that Temple Japan incurs. It simply means that Temple is not submitting the bill to Harrisburg for Act 12A credit.

Thank goodness. Pennsylvania school districts are all being asked this season to draw up their cutbacks, because the new Governor, Tom Corbett, says the state doesn’t have the money to fund the schools like it’s been doing. It would be shame if money is being indirectly funnelled into Tokyo to support a project there that isn’t pulling its weight. While that part still remains a mystery, at least its good to know that state employees take up the issues when the question gets lodged.

The next stop is the Education Secretary and the state government appointees to Temple’s board. I will keep you posted.