Governor Corbett wants to cut Temple’s funding $82 million

Let me interrupt my complaining about the situation of modern litigation to say a thing or two about the Pennsylvania budget.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is quoting Ann Weaver Hart, the President of Temple University in Philadelphia, as saying an $82 million cut would be “devastating”. What I’ve heard around the state, though, is that this money is never really looked at hard enough since Pennsylvania started providing it 50 years ago. That is, it’s a certain amount, and it’s just always been there. It used to cover almost 75% of tuition, but as tuition has outstripped the everyday price level, it now maybe creates a 25% discount for Pennsylvania students.

No wonder my inquiries about the Temple Japan rent have been getting so much attention in the past few weeks. Because here, 1,500 state workers are going to get laid off, and it looks like tuition at the Commonwealth-related schools like Temple is going to go up quite a bit.

Pennsylvania has a $4 billion deficit ($4,000,000,000) and the Governor wants to close it without raising a lot of taxes, which are higher than they used to be already.

It’s time for Temple to “man up” and start being honest about what it’s spending overseas, in places like Tokyo.