A shout out to my reader in Oakland, California who has been downloading me like crazy.

I just want to say a special hello to my reader who has a Comcast server and is somewhere around Oakland.

I have been having these near-record days lately for page views, and it isn’t because somehow I’ve become that much more popular. It’s that someone is going in and downloading 100 pages of me a day—as if they’ve missed something along the way.

Seriously. It’s like I log on, and then I see the little WordPress bar register something in the high 200’s or 300’s. In fact, I only hit about 140 readers a day–which is actually a lot more than it used to be, but then again, I’ve written a lot more.

But suddenly, someone wants to read me like a book. So they just go through and download.

It’s actually a little bit embarrassing, because some days–as you regulars know—I am not exactly hitting the mark with an interesting topic.

I know I should really give a shout out to Temple in Philadelphia, where I’ve become a popular site in the last couple weeks. But I know they are busy coming up with the answer I have been seeking for the last 18 months.

I know I should also give a shout out to the State Department, because someone there is interested in my views on Japan, and I appreciate the readership—although I still think you should have given Kevin Maher a little slack.

And, probably, a shout out to whoever at IBM in Poughkeepsie, New York has rediscovered me.

But really, it’s that Oakland reader.

I’m flattered.