Has Ambassador John Roos ever tweeted about the U.S.-Japan social security treaty?

I have been getting a number of tweets today about “KI”, or Potassium Iodide, which the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo is making available to American citizens just in case the unthinkable happens with Fukushima. They are not advising anyone to take it, but you never know.

I must confess that I am not a big Twitter-er. I joined it at the end of December 2009, so as to have been in in the 2000’s decade. But 140 characters is just too short for me. Once I read someone’s, and it said, simply,

“in the train station.”


I even forget who it was.

WordPress lets you publicize on Twitter, since maybe three months ago. I use that feature to announce a blog post, because I found that I actually get some readers that way. But, as you probably have guessed, I need more than 140 characters. In fact, I think you miss something if you’re only getting 140 characters. Probably, there was more meaning behind

“in the train station”,

and people who follow Twitter get it. But I do not.

“Colonel Mustard with a wrench in the train station” would mean something to me. Maybe I missed the first part.

In that light, I realize that I missed almost 2,000 of U.S. Ambassador to Japan John V. Roos’ tweets. I got maybe seven or eight today. He must be up early on Sunday.

I appreciate that, with the earthquake and all the other stuff going on, that the Embassy and the Ambassador’s Twitter account would be a focus. However, can somebody let me in on the earlier tweets?

In particular, I would like to know if Ambassador Roos has ever sent out a tweet, in whatever context, on the U.S.-Japan Social Security Totalization treaty? Maybe at the five year anniversary last October? As I say, I am sorry I missed them if he did.

It would be along the lines of:

“Happy 5 B-day U.S.-J soc sec tot treaty. Will US citizens get shakai hoken?”

“When will US citizens have to stop fighting J-companies for shakai hoken?”

“B nice 2 see J-gov finally honor a treaty w/o need for embarrassment.”

“US ctzns – let Emb know if you have questns ab Shakai Hoken cov. We will pass wrd.”

Maybe the tone wouldn’t be exactly that sarcastic, but something that had the meat of that message in there.