Ann Weaver Hart says Temple is committed to Temple Japan; tells Governor Corbett ‘it’s only money’

From this bulletin, two gems:

We want to assure our many partners and supporters in Japan that Temple University’s commitment to Japan remains stronger than ever. We are committed to providing assistance to Japanese students at TUJ and Temple’s Main Campus who are experiencing hardships due to the earthquake. We also want to support relief efforts as a sign of our commitment to Japan. Many at Temple have already stepped forward to help.

As I have been saying, humanitarian efforts are good. Especially when “Japan” is down and out at the moment. But what is this line, “Temple University’s commitment to Japan remains stronger than ever.” Governor Corbett just proposed a $90 million-or-so cut to Temple’s state financing. Is it really responsible for Ann Weaver Hart to be saying something like that when the Temple lobbyists have to go to Harrisburg to fight the cut?

This is an extraordinary time that has created unprecedented challenges for the Japanese people and Temple’s programming in Japan. I am confident that we will effectively manage the many aspects of responding to ongoing developments and that Temple’s presence in Japan will continue to be the pinnacle expression of the university’s global commitment.

This is also obvious. But it isn’t clear how having to manage a satellite school in a crisis situation makes it a good idea to have “global commitment” when most schools in America aren’t doing what Temple does, and don’t have a Governor who plans to stop writing the checks so large.

I guess if you want to reassure people that the school will be around in the fall (or the summer), you put out a statement like that. In light of the proposed Pennsylvania 2011-2012 budget, though, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to say a couple of things that were said in there.

Since I haven’t heard back from Temple’s controller yet, I’ll have to cc this one to Harrisburg when I follow up there.