A[nother] Flyjin index.

Back on this topic.

As I am re-orienting my career here in Pennsylvania, I do keep one eye on Tokyo and Japan. All my friends told me to do this, and it makes sense. You never know, right?

I am already on blog-record as saying that the Flyjin Effect is somewhat bogus. But I am also interested in developing some ways to measure how many people really left jobs in Tokyo.

Today, I rediscovered the Wall Street Associates (Japan) website.

On it, they post a certain number of jobs, with a recap to the left of the screen.

Openings are listed as:

Tokyo – 479
Kanagawa – 56
Tokai – 78
Kansai – 157
Other – 20

That’s a total of 790.

Since this is one of the recruiting / headhunting companies with a better reputation, let’s take them at their word that these are real openings, and not just puffing or intimidation for the rival headhunters. Moreover, let’s also conclude that they aren’t just false leads to generate resumes.

If you visit their site, you will notice that there are no English teacher jobs. So it’s other, mid-level professional that some commenters here at this site, and on others, have said is the key to determining the Flyjin effect.

These men and women want to do business. They were hustling, pre-311, and were bought out last year by EN Japan, the #2 haken shop after Recruit. So they are out to fill spots.

Let’s see how the 790 number moves throughout April.