Will the U.S. federal government finally have a 2011 budget?

This has been the background noise at the house today. Constant bickering by the contemporary Republican Party–a true circus–about small bean issues. This bickering with President Obama is delaying a budget, and making America’s federal government look bad.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why the GOP has to keep giving the President a hard time. We’ve heard from the sore-loser Tea Party wing. We’ve heard from these nutty Birthers, who’ve tried to make like people born in Hawaii aren’t really Americans. (In essence, that Hawaii really isn’t a state that was admitted into the union in 1959.)

The Republicans have supported these extreme tax cuts that go to extraordinarily wealthy people. Where the middle class has picked up a much-appreciated $600 or $1,000, multimillionaires have been handed hundreds of thousands.

Now, one of the Wisconsin Congressman, Paul Ryan, proposes to end Medicare. He says it would just be for those under 55; but practically, once you start privatizing certain people out of the system, there is no political constituency to keep paying for the elderly who are already in the system. The government shutdown fights of 2017 would be about whether we are going to have Medicare in 2018.

Who would want that?

The Republican Party of many years ago used to be something really good. You could take it seriously, and it did a number of brilliant things for our country.

I am not so sure where that party went, but it’s pretty clear that when it started hunting for votes Down South, it stopped being the party of people who live in the North.

Now, it seems like a party that wants to tax the Middle Class North, in order to do a lot of military spending in the South, to give big farm subsidy checks to the South and their soulmates in the midwestern and square states, to rack up a lot of debt with the Chinese so that we’re stuck paying interest to them, for tax cuts for the rich for the next 50 years.

You don’t have to go back to the 19th century to find a different sort of Republicanism. Even the 20th century had its icons of rational, progressive politics. People who made the right choices and sought to move America forward, not push it back.

That was the Republican Party. A party that sought to improve America, and make it better.

The folks in there now are something entirely different.

They want to turn back the clock on every social reform of the past 60 years. Pretend it’s 1957, when 2057 is closer to us.

They parade around these goofy loudmouths and dopes. People who pride themselves on how uneducated they are.

The two latest shark jumpers, among the assorted clowns who make up the modern Republican Party.

[Update: And I’m not sure if the point of those two isn’t how stupid are they, but how gullible are you if you take what they say seriously?]