As I was saying, Obama needs to mention that veto pen more.

The above link is the extended version of the President’s open mic comments late last week. I haven’t bothered to search deeply, if anyone’s done a transcript of them.

Although it’s said that the microphone was left on accidentally, it makes me wonder. President Obama is very blunt, and it’s the kind of language that I suspect was part of the budget negotiations.

I liked the part where he said that if they think they have the votes to override his veto pen, to “go at it”. This is the theme I said he should put out there, in a previous post.

People eat that tough-guy president stuff up. Reagan used to do it, and the crowds used to just spin around in joy.

I am glad that Obama put the veto-as-weapon meme out there. I am also glad that he made the Republicans in Congress sound like a bunch of conniving goofs and fools.