Knee jerk opposition to Kan in Japan. Notice I add the word “knee”.

The headlines today continue to report that Japanese Prime Minister Kan’s political opponents still don’t have a nice word for him. What I like about the Japan Times’ one, though, is that they do point out that the opposition offers nothing.

When I was still in Japan, I was beginning to sour on the Kan Government, if not for the simple fact that it didn’t appear to be doing anything. This thing, of not doing anything, maybe was quite popular in Japan a few decades ago. But now, I think people expect those who are in the government to DO something.

As so many people have been saying, this may mean:

1) fight powerful interests;
2) raise some taxes, cut others;
3) disappoint those whose connivery has set themselves up nice;
4) stick it to enemies, maybe even to allies if it gets a positive result.

It seemed to me like Kan was doing nothing since June.

Then come the triple disasters. Now, there is too much to be done. And the Prime Minister’s political enemies go from griping about the fact that Kan and the DPJ aren’t doing things, to the fact that they have the power to do things.

What I wonder, again, is just how stupid the people running things think that the everyday people are. When the game is nothing more than griping about the fact that the other guy has power, then all the onlookers see this, and take it as disrespect for the process.

It’s hard to imagine that if Kan left, and someone else came in, there wouldn’t be the same nonsense being said, only then it would be against ____________<—– (fill in the blank for whoever the next prime minister would be.)

It is hard to believe that there are no credible solutions in Japan, and nothing that a majority of people can't get together and agree on.