Nuts and weirdos make native-born Hawaiian man prove he’s really an American.

A man born in one of the 50 states had to prove, today, that he was, in fact, actually born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961.

The people who make me wonder, though, are those who like to be photographed behind a 48-star flag. As if Alaska and Hawaii weren’t states.

[Update: Ah, see, I’m not the only one who had the sense that the people making such a BIG issue out of seeing a “long form” birth certificate weren’t coming from the same place as those who want to separate out Americans into different kinds of Americans, some more ones than others. Here is a good piece on Yahoo News that discusses just that.]

Just when you thought that the screwball Birther controversy was at an end, along comes media figure and self-promoter, as well as bankrupt, Donald Trump to set it all in motion again.

You know those people who say that mankind never landed on the moon? Well, to me, they are several degrees more tolerable than the people who say that President Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii.

It never seems to be so much as what we all obviously knew. It’s that they seem to be saying more about people from Hawaii. That, somehow, people from Hawaii aren’t American.

When you hear this from people coming from the Old South, that makes it even worse. After all, the Old South did leave the United States. Texas, in fact, prides itself as having flown Six Flags. They say it with an attitude like there can always be a Number Seven; and, to me, they can just go right ahead.

It was interesting to see a mid-20th century legal document, in digital form. But other than that, I think the whole Birther controversy was an insult not just to the President, but to all Americans who believe in the principles of this country.

[Update: Another one from Yahoo News and the AP about the late doctor who delivered Obama.]