Japan’s Golden Week sends my traffic away.

I remember this last year, too, and good for my regular readers who support me that you get away from the monitor for a couple days! It gives me a chance to recharge and think about some interesting things to post. Many of the sites and blogs I like to follow don’t post every day. I try to, because I have a bit of time on my hands. But I would love to learn to be more creative. Creative writing is so often the best for this kind of medium.

I also want to thank my stateside regulars who follow me. I know that a lot of you are not from the small Japan expat circle overseas. I also know that many times you visit me for the particular issues that I have written passionately about in the last two or three years. (The Good Shepherd Rosemont situation and crisis in the Episcopal Church, lawyers and the cr*p that is contemporary lawyering, What is the rent for Temple Japan?, Repo 105, goofy things I pick up to write about, and all the rest . . . . )

And I think I have a reader who has been checking in with me since the days of 2003. Thanks to you the most!

[Update: You know, for the serious stuff I try to put out, what the people who search me like? Things like, “Was Mary Travers Janice the Muppet?” The Muppets. Mary Travers. Like I’m always saying, the artists and the athletes, they are the cool ones. Orange Bob Barker. Why is he orange? People actually search on that. I’m still trying to identify the young ladies who appeared in that commercial. People want to know. (Guys want to know, I suspect.)

What it teaches me, is that it isn’t about the heavy stuff. You may get your Making Work Pay Credit as an overseas filer, or the IRS may tell you to stick your Schedule M form where the sun don’t shine. Temple can piss money all across the planet; nobody will return your call. The prosecutor support staff is still trying to figure out Repo 105 (Lehman bankruptcy). Nobody cares about individual litigation unless they are close party to it.

But man, if you give an account of your crappy conversation with some unsavory person who happens to be a lawyer, you will find soul mates out there. Talk about the Muppets and who they are, and you get the preschooler in every 30 to 50 year-old out there, who wants to know.

Makes me feel like I should be analyzing Kate Middleton’s dress this weekend.]