They finally got bin Laden.

More as I find out about this.

[Update: It’s true, and what good news, in the whole horrible story that was 9/11. At last, the REAL “Mission Accomplished”.

The President said that it was Special Ops, based off information that was obtained several months ago.

President Obama got done something that Bush couldn’t do in almost eight years. I’m sure partisans will want to disregard that, but it says a lot about the improvement that Barack Obama has been over what had come before. I feel that the government had wasted billions, and cost many lives, to finally bring bin Laden his due. Obama, calm and steady, got the intelligence, made the call, and nailed the guy. Why couldn’t this have been done in 2002?

I know I don’t understand the War on Terrorism. I don’t think anyone really does. But it’s been looking like an excuse to go in and invade other people’s countries, and take away God-given civil rights in our own.

Finally, we get some news that a person who we can all agree fits the bill of a terrorist, gets taken out in the style he had coming to him for many years now.

Good for the team that got the job done.]