It makes you wonder, not if Pakistan is our ally, but which Pakistani government is our ally?

On the big news, I can’t help but ask what a number of Americans are asking today: how could bin Laden have hidden in open sight for years and years in that town of 500,000, right next to a Pakistani military base.

Is it possible that the Pakistanis were hosting him, as he hid out from us?

This would not be the first time that the United States has been spited by our “friends”. You remember about two years back, I blogged about the antics of Tomogami Toshio, the former head of the Japanese Air Force, who wrote a negative essay about us, still available online and in English(!), that blames World War II on Roosevelt’s aggression. (Behind Roosevelt, was Mao Zedong’s White House operatives . . .)

The worst image that I believe the United States can project around the world is that of the fat, gullible sucker, who is easily played. And don’t tell me that the Pakistanis didn’t pin that number on us sometime shortly after 9/11.

We end up sending $3 billion a year to Pakistan, as aid for them to help us in the so-called War on Terror. We, in turn, get laughed at behind our backs while one element within that country plays host to the man who destroyed so many lives in the New York area, Pennsylvania and Washington.

I remember Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (whose husband I supported for President, starting in late 1991), saying that she couldn’t figure out why the Pakistanis couldn’t catch bin Laden. Yeah, well, now we know why: they used our money to build him a nice mansion in their military shang-ri-la. It was like spite, even though we never did anything to Pakistan.

It’s like there is the official government of Pakistan. And then there is the ISI, which maybe controls the military. And they do not seem very much like our allies.

I am so proud of how President Obama went to town on bin Laden, and how he did right in the lair that the one Pakistani faction seems to have offered him. Obama ordered the hit on Friday, and then Saturday night was there joking at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner (clip courtesy of C-Span and Salon):