Rachel Maddow has the War on Terror about right.

I wish more people would pay attention to what Maddow has to say.

It’s always struck me that bin Laden was out to bankrupt us. After his 9/11 deed, all this federal money started being spent on “keeping us safe”, without any accountability for whether we have gotten our money’s worth.

I have already talked about this in terms of wasted human life, those of our soldiers in situations where the objectives were not clear-cut: “When war becomes its own little thing.

Now is the time (as it should have been in 2002), for us to step back as a nation and ask ourselves: Where is the money going? Are we really getting safety for the trillions that are being spent?

What I love about what the President did this weekend is the fact that it was so clean and lean. That helicopter operation couldn’t have cost more than a million bucks in cash flow. (I am sure the hardware cost a lot, but we spent it already.) Go in, take the bad guy out, go home. It was like how the U.S. used to fight things.

2 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow has the War on Terror about right.

  1. It might have been better, had it involved capturing the unarmed enemy so he could face justice rather than assassinating him.

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