Interac’s Richelle Trickel’s interesting Twitter feed

I like this very much, and have been following for several weeks now.

Ms. Trickel is a stateside recruiter for the Interac ALT firm, which, as Japan-side readers are probably aware, has been doing a major advertising push since the March 11 disasters, to keep people interested in working for Japanese schools.

I don’t know if it is Ms. Trickel herself, or with the support of staff, but there have been numerous public-interest stories that Richelle has picked up and disseminated over Twitter.

I know that, for some of the readership, they hear “Interac” and then maybe they don’t want to check it out. (My readership from the Let’s Japan side, for instance!) But the other side of the readership, whose views are maybe not so solidified, (the ones who Google search, “is interac hiring?” “interac japan” “interac needs in japan” and get me), I think you should follow what Richelle has to post.

Her followers are at “7” right now, and let’s make the number go up.