U.S. Demands More From Pakistan

From the New York Times. It sounds like the Administration is getting down to some heart-to-heart talks with officials in the Pakistani government, about who knew what when.

With Bin Laden having been living in the equivalent of a West Point, New York for six years, it still seems really unusual that no one in Pakistan would have know that he was in Abbottabad. More likely, is that a distinct subset of the government did know. Our job is now to figure out which subset that was.

My guess is that it was mid-level officials, carrying out the clandestine order of someone within that ISI. It was a task of basically looking the other way, and telling the U.S., over and over again, that “bin Laden is probably dead.” After all, if you haven’t had breakfast with him, they figure, (and even if they had!), who was to say that at that exact moment, it wasn’t a true statement?

I have been staying, that sort of, well, spite against us is very common in Asia. (My meaning is: not unusual to see or experience.) It’s funny to screw with us and lie to our faces, sometimes. I don’t know why the people there do it. Then again, what makes a schoolyard bully?

The Japanese do this to us, maybe more than the Chinese. Why would it be a surprise that the Pakistanis wouldn’t do it, too?