Touching base with friends in Japan via Skype

I have been using Skype a bit in the last month, and seeing its functionality.

I understand why a lot of younger people like to use it. It’s free and you can see the party on the other side. It has its quirkiness, which, for the generation, probably is equally OK. After all, we used to listen to ’80’s music, thought Pong was great, and weren’t bothered by the fact that PC’s were boxes and monitors that didn’t do very much by today’s standards.

Microsoft bought Skype, which is either good or bad. Some people say Microsoft ruins the stuff it buys. But others say that Skype can’t make money, so if Microsoft can find a way to monetize Skype, it will be good for the product. They need a way to monetize $8.5 billion worth of asset, though, and that’s a lot.

What I like about Skype for overseas calling, is that it adds a visual image to people who are so far away. Even if its just pixels on a screen, it gives the feel of actually being face-to-face with someone while you’re talking.

I am sure Microsoft will figure out a way to make the thing go. Then, we’ll be looking back on the original version like Pong.