Maybe I do keep one eye on the mirror, but only if I realize there is a mirror.

This is a post to thank my general readership, and post some recent Alexa stats that surprised me.

According to Alexa, I made it up into the 500,000s, sometime in the last three months. That’s the highest I ever saw myself in Alexa. Of course, I blogged before Alexa was ever anything, and so maybe I have been there before. This would have been in 2003, when ten readers might get you there . . .

Alexa was kind enough to give me a breakout by country, which was more flattering. I know that I am read almost exclusively in Japan and America, with a scattering of people in other countries who somehow hooked on to me (or surf by). But I actually rise (have risen) above the 100,000 mark in the two countries:

So what does it all say?

I can only conclude, it’s that when you pick up a couple dozen more regulars, you move fast up the long-tail ranks of bloggers. I need an asymptote graph in here, although I think you understand what I am saying. If you have 400 regulars, and you go to 500, you move up quite a bit. One thousand, even more.

I like more what Alexa has been pointing out about time-on-site. I get a lot of people to read the post. That’s really the whole point of blogging, isn’t it? Somebody reads the post. (Although, some days I would write just to do it, no matter if the other-side readership were zero. I try to hit the mark every time, but there are some days, when, well . . . )

Sitemeter never tells me how long the one-page hit is on. I surf dozens of sites where I just look at the headline; I never read the stuff. Someone who is a “HuffPost blogger” thinks they’ve got an edge. Well, most of the stuff on HuffPost is never really read. Not unless you’re right up there. Same for Kos and the better alternative, FireDogLake. You know, sh*t doesn’t get read. It gets said, but not read.

I know I attract a fair number of the Japan civil rights / fundamental fairness crowd. So you must know what I am saying. There are these sites that are headlines, really. And then, there are ones where the people read the whole post; and, even, in Debito‘s case, read the post and then have damn-near their own post as a comment.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy what you read.

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