Temple’s 2011-2012 tuition to rise almost 10% for in-state students.

So says Ann Weaver Hart in a video message, located here at the Temple University website.

This brings the full-year undergraduate tuition at Temple to $13,000 a year for Pennsylvania residents. Quite a chunk of change compared to about $3,000 at Kutztown over in Berks County. (The difference is that Kutztown is in the Pennsylvania state system, while Temple is “Commonwelath-related.”)

At around 1:30 in the video, President Hart raises the issue that Pennsylvania might adopt a “money follows the student” program. This would mean that the Commonwealth appropriation would go to any school in Pennsylvania where the student decides to attend. Not just that Pennsylvania writes a check to Temple and the other three Commonwealth-relateds.

I know I mentioned this idea in an earlier blog post (among the dozens on the topic–sorry Japan-side readers!)

Although Ann Weaver Hart paints the budget outcome as a success, since Governor Corbett had proposed yanking $90 million, not $32 million, it’s clear that losing $32 million of funding is no success.

Time to be much more engaging with ALL of the Temple community, and not just people you pull in that have an immediate vested interest. It’s clear that Harrisburg is analyzing this on a whole other plane, and one that is trying to be fair to the rest of Pennsylvania.


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