Japan CM memories: Daizu no susume

This is another commercial from the summer of 2005. In it, a famous quiz show MC, Kodama Kiyoshi (who recently passed away), surprises the inhabitant of a small apartment by asking how he could get the same amount of a special vitamin found in one pack of natto (bean paste). The answer turns out to be a Coca-Cola product that is lost to even recent memory called “Daizu no susume”.

I knew about Kodama from my Japanese-channel watching days on New York TV. So I understood the schtick with “Mondai desu” (“Here is the question.”) It’s obvious that Coca-Cola went with Kodama because he was a highly respected TV personality in Japan, and if you are pitching a soft drink that has some relation to natto, you really need to bring out the heavy hitters to make it sell.

As I keep telling you, 90% of communication is non-verbal.

The problem with Daizu no susume, though, is that it seems I was the only one in Japan buying the product. It didn’t sell, and inevitably disappeared from the shelves sometime in late 2005 or early 2006. (Maybe they still sell it in Japan, but I never saw it after those early months.)

But a nice memory of Kodama-san, who passed on May 16.

2 thoughts on “Japan CM memories: Daizu no susume

  1. reminds me of Suntory Chocolate Sparkling……remember that one ?
    It was something very like a chocolate ice cream soda, except that it was perfectly clear.
    introduced Jan 2009, pulled off the market in June……

  2. I remember seeing something like that in the shelves—it stood out because it said “chocolate” but was clear like 7-Up. I can’t remember if I had it, though.

    These must be products invented in the after-hours session of the typical Japanese big company.

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