Another job lead disappointment

This one was to be CFO of an NGO in Japan, with some connection to the troubles that are going on in the Tohoku region because of the March 11 disasters.

A while back, I blogged about how internet postings are a lot of nonsense. But not true the use of the internet to network with credible people. I happen to be part of a few good networks, and I think part of the difficulties that I am having in America is that I don’t know enough people in America yet. The people I am relying on go back a ways–from before I left.

I got my hopes up, because the description had that nice “comfortable with Japanese language a plus”. Not “we must have fluency!” which then turns out to be not so true in the international context. (Those are the instances where they really want a Japanese ethnic, and figure they are only going to get someone ethnically Japanese if they make this “requirement”. I don’t get too worked up about that one anymore, since I can only slay so many dragons. When I get a Japan-side lead that suggests fluency, I just inquire as to how hard a requirement that is.)

Well, the hot lead wasn’t so hot, because when I made further inquiries, it turned out that the NGO already had two candidates lined up (so it would have been a 48-hour turnover from job opening to final stages.) Probably, it is someone connected to the CEO of the NGO’s Japan unit. It just really surprised me that the lead would have made it to the East Coast of America.

Credible job leads are few and far between, unfortunately. This sounded like it was something, even though it was billed as “interim”. Ah, well.