Do the Republicans deliberately sabotage the American economy?

Go with me on this for a bit.

In the contemporary Republican Party, it’s very common for plain stupid agendas to make their way into economic policy.

For example, the rounds of wealthy-people tax cuts that have been put forth since 1981, and particularly, the Bush rounds of 2001 and 2003.

The financial crisis of 2008, engineering by the Republican Party’s loose regulation of Wall Street.

And the current pseudo-debt-crisis, where the Republicans are threatening to cause default on the American national debt–similar to what the Confederacy tried after the Civil War–here because the Republicans aren’t getting their way about certain spending issues.

The recent threat is causing concern in the lending markets. For now, no one seems to believe that the U.S. would default. But if it actually looks like it would, all hell will break loose.

We may even lose our AAA rating as a country off the mere threat of possible default. (What bank lends out to debtors who mouth off once in a while about not paying back on time?)

As the pattern of the Republican becomes clear, you can only conclude that they set out on purpose to sabotage the American economy. When your clients are the wealthy elite, they don’t worry about money. The everyday person worries about money.

We need a massive wave election in 2012 to throw out the Tea-influenced Republicans and send them the message, once and for all, to knock it off. Hopefully the Tea Party people won’t pull a Breivik on the rest of us.


One Reply to “Do the Republicans deliberately sabotage the American economy?”

  1. The great unwashed masses aren’t yearning to be free, they’re yearning to be told… what to believe, what to do etc. Although the News Corp phone hacking scandal may bring Faux “News” to its knees, Ailes, Rove, and their ilk will pop up elsewhere, just like whack-a-mole. Just saying.

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