Obama Administration’s reputation as a corporate pushover: why would this surprise anybody?

Support is down for the President, perhaps the loudest coming from the liberal or progressive groups in America. It’s no surprise–the White House has really been asking for it.

Jon Stewart had a great gag as part of his show, and if I can dig it up, I will link to it here. (Hopefully, you will not get an error message in Japan.) [Update: it was on Huffington Post, so it should be good worldwide.]

This latest phony crisis with the debt ceiling is really cementing people’s views that the President is too much of a law professor, and not enough of the tough guy that he needs to be, basically, if he expects to have 270 electors in his column next Fall. He is behind now in Pennsylvania, to Mitt Romney, a named Republican who is very weak. This is saying a lot. If Obama can’t win Pennsylvania, he probably won’t win a consecutive second term. (He might be able to win in 2016 or 2020 though. Remember, he’s just 50.)

It reminds me of the hassles I had, waiting for the EEO to get back to me on my administrative charge. The big corporation just sat there, for months on end, and did whatever they felt like–which was nothing. The EEO guy made an effort–I’m not saying he didn’t. But it was like how the Obama Administration has been making efforts. They (the administration) go through the motions while the other side stakes out a very aggressive position. The administration perpetuates the phony crisis atmosphere, until, finally, there is some bullshit resolution to the matter, for now, that leaves the underdog, especially, feeling like they had to eat said shit.

I don’t think it would have been a good idea for the U.S. to default on its debt. But that would not have been Obama’s choice, it would have been the Republicans. Everybody saw that.

I am not confident about Obama as a guy who could draw a line in the sand–unless it was against the progressives. That is troubling.