Did Japan’s Interac overhire for 2011-2012?

I happened to see the Facebook group for people who have some connection to the English teaching company, Interac. (I think I get in because of my social insurance advocacy–the runner is affiliated with Nambu or Tozen); and that, incidentally is probably why I never heard affirmatively from Interac the two or three times I had sent my resume their way.

What I have been surprised to read is that Interac made offers to others who had applied post-March 11; BUT these people are now being told that their “assignment” isn’t solid yet, and they may have to wait until 2012. (They have the work visa, but no place to be dispatched to.) Hmmmm.

Regular readers might recall that I had done some posting about the Flyjin Phenomenon, the story that any number of non-Japanese had left Japan after March 11, never to return. Shortly after Flyjin became a Springtime buzzword, I concluded that the phenomenon was a load of nonsense.

I wonder whether Interac worried that they might not be able to fill spots this coming September (2011), and so hired more people than they could reasonably place. This would be so that, in the event any number of recruits chicken out at the last moment, they could still fill the spots open in client public schools.

[Update 8/7/11: From the same site, a bit of dialogue between someone who says Interac does this sort of overhiring on purpose, and someone who was not aware of that.]