Where is the Allstate Mayhem Guy as a Teabagger?

Allstate has been running a series of commercials featuring “Mayhem”, a guy personifying all the things that can go wrong in your financial life that Allstate will cover you for. As actor Dennis Heysbert (of Mr. Baseball fame) tells us, “Dollar for dollar, no one protects you from mayhem better than Allstate.”

I have seen this commercial quite a bit during the Rachel Maddow online show, and I’m wondering why some political comedian hasn’t picked up on it, in the context of all the market mayhem of the past six or seven weeks. That would be the phony default crisis, the threat of double-dip recession, the right-wing assault on the middle class and unions, and the violent stock market correction / new bear market. Timothy Geitner being asked to stick around, even.

When the government should be doing all it can to create confidence, it seems like the guy in charge is Mayhem.

You can just hear it:

“There’s nothing I like more than to use a mass layoff to hit the quarter’s numbers!”

“Down another 600 points! Glad I shorted the American economy through my Cayman Islands hedge fund!”

“Let’s eliminate the income tax and see how long our creditors will still lend the U.S. treasury money!”

No one protects you better from the Tea Party than . . .

(It ain’t lookin’ like Barack Obama these days . . . )


One Reply to “Where is the Allstate Mayhem Guy as a Teabagger?”

  1. Jon Stewart could have some fun with a couple of the Chicago local radio spots, especially the somewhat sexist tale of Mayhem and the hapless Trixie cruising the Outer Drive while gaping at the beach volleyball players on the Oak St. beach…

    For the benefit of non-Chicagoans (like the guy who wrote the ad) a Trixie is a, shall we say, less than streetwise young woman living in the Lincoln Park/ Wrigleyville area, and Lake Shore Drive is comprised of both inner and outer drives at that point…

    Fortunately, I don’t think there’s been a Mayhem ad involving Wacker Drive yet. Wacker goes north, south, east, and west, has both an upper and a lower levele, and crosses itself at least twice.

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