The electronic stock board in Tokyo’s Yaesu neighborhood never jumps the shark.

I know I have mentioned this before, but when I lived in Tokyo, for a couple of years I lived around the corner from this electronic sign board in the downtown. So whenever I see it broadcast throughout the world, it has a special fondness to me.

They keep trying to disguise it by shifting the angle or doing funky things with the focus, but it is the stock price board of Mizuho Securities (formerly Shinko Securities) in the Yaesu district, across the street from Marunouchi and Tokyo Station.

If you can expand the picture above, you can see the reflection of the street divider on Sotobori Avenue, and the Tokyo Gran Tower main floor on the other side of the street. The Marunouchi (Tokyo Station) side used to look not much different than the Yaesu side, but then there was a lot of construction in the late 2000’s. [By the way, the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station is still in Marunouchi, but the underground mall is mostly in Yaesu.]

Here is the shot you never get:

Not as glamorous and exotic, eh? (It’s the older version of the board, too. But if you click on the picture and expand it, you can see that I caught a parked bullet train on the platform of Tokyo Station across the street.)

The neighborhood, around 2007. The brown rectangular building in the middle of the picture (an old department store) was taken down a year or two ago.

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