More Kevin Maher.

A reader sends me this Wall Street Journal Real Time blog post, which also has a link to some video from April, in English with English subtitles for some reason.

(I always enjoy that little bit of piano playing right before these ones from the Journal.)

I still don’t believe that we are being given the whole story about U.S.-Japan relations. I think that most of the Americans involved there in government are really taking care of the interests of a very small number of people, who are well connected. I don’t think they make policy with the average American’s interests in mind. They do whatever they feel like, and then tell the rest of us that it’s much better to have Japan on as America’s ally rather than it go over to China. In reality, though, when Japan makes the price of that friendship too high, we should encourage them to go over to China’s side and let’s all see how much China forgot about World War II.

When guys in Maher’s league knock off the Cold War rhetoric, as if it is 50 years ago, then I’ll stop being so cynical.

[Side note: I don’t what the Wall Street Journal has with these British people delivering the news to an American audience. It’s supposed to be more credible to me if I am hearing it with a British accent? A plurality of the Brits I’ve dealt with in my life have been extraordinarily dishonest. The interviewer in the Maher piece was a Yank, but most of these WSJ video offerings have someone with, to me, what is a foreign accent.]