Pennsylvania earthquake of August 2011!

If I weren’t home to feel it, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I was sitting by the laptop, and all of the sudden the furniture starts to shake. The globe (with Japan facing me) starting rattling. As you know, Tokyo gets its share of tremors, and once you’ve experienced living in an earthquake zone (California, Alaska, etc.), you naturally get used to the idea that the Earth can shake. So, as it’s happening here in Lancaster County this fine sunny afternoon, one of the things to cross my mind is, “I’d say that Pennsylvania is having an earthquake!” I quickly thought about other possibilities: something happening to the house, or in the house, or maybe an explosion on the Turnpike (where was the sound?) Finally I hit the USGS site, and sure enough, there was a quake in Virginia.

It turns out that most of the Piedmont region of the East Coast felt it, as well as DC, New York and Philadelphia.

[Updated 7:05 pm: The earthquake has been downgraded to magnitude 5.8.]