Temple Japan can’t fill seats, discounting prices.

Regular readers know that I have been hinting as much all year long. And yesterday, Temple University Japan Campus finally announced that they are expanding the amount of financial aid that will give out to students in order to fill spaces within Temple’s Tokyo Japan branch.

The announcement portrays this as a modified scholarship system. In fact, what it means is that many potential students didn’t feel that the Japan Campus was worth it. It goes to what I have been saying, that Temple sets up programs that they think people will want, and then they keep coming up with reasons to justify their continued existence.

I remember several people telling me, Japan-side, that it is very hard for Temple Japan to recruit Japanese students. Many would rather just go stateside, if they are going to pursue an American university program.

I expect the administration to say that the yen is the factor in why they have to pour more money into scholarships. But isn’t it easier to say that all the dollar-based schools in America are more appealing to young Japanese who want to get an experience of America? And now, even more cheaper than they were two years ago?

Worse, international students coming from America have to pay tuition in appreciated yen. So even there, Temple is having to discount to attract students.

I don’t blog about it every week, but I do closely follow this matter, because so much Pennsylvania money ($110 million) continues to funnel into Temple University overall. When will the administration finally get serious about its spending?