Another installment in Are There Really Jobs in Japan?

This one above, from the English-teaching dispatch service Interac, flashed on Japan Today within the past day or two.

What caught my eye was that they were seeking applications for Tokyo postings, when, recently, on Facebook, a couple of people in the Interac discussion group said that they had been “deferred” until 2012.

So, it just made me wonder: which is it?

It’s pretty apparent that I’m not misreading or misunderstanding that posting. Interac is clearly looking to fill a position in Tokyo, starting September 2011–and limiting applicants to people who already “reside” in Tokyo.

So it makes you wonder why the number of “deferred” people is even there.

Could it possibly be that Interac made a large number of offers for overseas applicants, but did not have enough Japan-side candidates to meet a September 2011 opening?

I am putting this question out neutrally, and not meaning to imply anything. The dynamics just fascinate me of how this works.

(I am less neutral about the Shakai Hoken and pension treaty totalization issue, of course.)