In Japan, there is no plan.

Just a brief post on the new Noda Government.

How you can tell that the DPJ has no plan going forward, is that most of the talk and the coverage is about who is an Ozawa ally and who is with what is sporadically known as the Seven Mandarin group.

The Japan Times reports that the new “Number Two” in the government is a 75-year-old Diet member who has close ties to Ozawa.

You see that, going forward, the “big issues” will be about who is in the Ozawa camp, and who is with the regulars. This means that there is no agenda to put forth.

No wonder Kan stuck it out until he forced the Diet to pass certain legislation and the power to issue debt for the year. People deride Kan as someone who did not have the ability to make things happen during this 2011 year of crisis. But I think, as I’ve said, the reality is that no one can agree on the agenda. The things that 25% or 30% of the people who have some organized political say in Japan want to do, can’t get done.

You can see why the people in the MIFI prefectures are so angry at government intransigence. You would be too, if you were stuck in a trap and the people with power just ran a stick along the cage.

3 thoughts on “In Japan, there is no plan.

  1. Other than the fact that this article involves Japan and a PM, your post could be written as if was about the United States, President Obama and Congress.

    1. I was thinking about that as I wrote it, actually. Except the dynamics are totally different. President is a separate elected office, so the powers are always split between different groups. In the minister system, these arrangements are informal.

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